Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED Screen

The transparent LED screen has high transparency levels. They are designed to ignite viewing locations such as malls, building fronts, airports, train stations, brand and retail stores, and more. 

  • Colorlight-LED offers customization of designs, sizes, and pixel pitches. 
  • It can come in either flat, curved, or customized shapes to fit your installation methods and project requirements. 
  • Our transparent LED display achieves high transparency, works with various control system software, and may come in either extrusion or die-cast aluminum materials. 

Transparent LED Screen Series

The transparent LED display is a delicate result of advanced digital technology integrated with aesthetic touch to viewing. If you’re looking for ways to excel at a particular location’s visual appearance, it is a wise idea for you. 

Transparent LED display maintenance is easy to perform. And to provide you with its best function, you must not use it in the long run under extreme weather conditions. 

The average lifespan of a transparent LED display is between 80,000 to 100,000 hours. That is equivalent to 9 – 11 years. It can come in either indoor or outdoor type with pixel pitches as follows; P2.9-5.8, P3.9-7.8, P7.8-7.8, P10.42. Should you have further inquiries, please message us at

Why Choose Colorlight Transparent LED Screen?


Transparent LED screens have high-transparency levels. It lets you see the objects behind the screen, making it look more visually appealing. The LED lamps are often attached to a horizontal or vertical bar, making them lightweight and easy to install. Its colors and brightness are also adjustable, like typical LED screens. You can apply them to almost all uses, such as in malls, conference halls, hotels, restaurants, schools, airports, subways, and many more.

  • The Colorlight transparent LED display is composed of rigid and reliable equipment. It uses a Meanwell power supply and quality components from premium brands.
  • It has high transmittance of up to 85% and a brightness level of 5500 nits. You may install them in either a hanging position or a fixed wall in storefronts and retail stalls.

Customize Your Transparent LED Screen With Us

You can apply transparent LED screens to multiple locations, including; airports, subways, hotels, casinos, clubs, restaurants, schools, shopping malls, exhibits, trade shows, and many more. Its transparency makes it more considerable for installation as it does not block views and large areas. 

  • Our transparent LED screens utilize user-friendly software such as LEDvision Colorlight, Novastar, and Linsn. These control systems are user-friendly and feature easy operation.
  • The transparent LED display can come in different sizes and designs. Its standard cabinet size has either 1000x1000mm or 1000×500 measurements, but we can customize your preferred size. You may have it in a hanging installation, fixed on walls, etc.



Colorlight-LED: A Reliable Transparent LED Screen Supplier And Manufacturer

Transparent LED display is widespread in the market. It adopts the latest and premium digital technology that’s why it is prevalent for various applications. If you’re looking for a dependable provider to help you with your transparent LED display needs, Colorlight-LED is here to help you. 

Colorlight-LED utilizes premium brands for its components such as Meanwell, Nationstar, LEDvision for software, and a lot more. Its materials can either be extrusion or ide-cast aluminum. Should you have questions, please message us at

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