Trailer Truck LED Display

Trailer/Truck LED Display

The Trailer/Truck LED Display provides the audience with easier access to digital advertising. Its capability to move from one place to another helps you expand your network and widen brand sensitivity. Also, it is rigid, waterproof, and has a long lifespan.

  • Our truck/trailer LED display is firmly mounted into the truck and can withstand sudden shakes or shocks.  
  • It has waterproof properties that make it valuable and functional even during weather conditions. 
  • We offer customization of sizes and designs to best fit your truck or trailer for mobile advertising. 

Trailer/Truck LED Display Series

Turck and trailer LED displays are great options for widening advertising purposes. While the truck or the transport device runs and roams around areas and corners, the LED sign flashes various ads, images, and videos on the screen. And unlike stagnant LED devices placed in one place, the truck LED display opens more opportunities for your brand, services, or businesses.

It can help you craft a better brand image and identity in places not often reached by advertising, either in the form of salespeople or paper advertising. Also, it builds trust and communicates product and customer connections in no time. The truck or trailer LED display can function as your advertising device for your own business or have it as an advertising business for other companies. Either way, it will give you profits and ROI.

We offer product customization and more features, so if you are sure of getting a truck or trailer device, reach us today and request a quote.

Why Choose Colorlight Trailer/Truck LED Display?


LED trucks are very versatile digital billboard displays. It can process all major file formats of images and videos. The mobile digital billboard supports image source connections such as laptops, cameras, transmission vehicles, etc. It is also compatible with many signal inputs like the standard internet cable, 3G wireless control, GPRS, etc.

  • Since LED wall trailers are designed for outdoor use, it is created with enough protection to stand against the harsh environment of outdoor locations. Because of this digital display’s constant transportation and moving, it is more prone to damage and hazards. Thankfully, Colorlight-LED products like LED advertising trucks are safeguarded with necessary protections, so you can still have your ideal digital display rain or shine.
  • LED truck displays are water-resistant. Truck LED displays are highly adaptable to various weather conditions. Aside from its water protection feature, LED sign trucks also have thunder, static, and shock protection.

Customize Your Trailer/Truck LED Display With Us

The digital billboard trailers are ideal for outdoor events held in open spaces. It is usually harder to do campaigns during outdoor events because the venue is more extensive, and people roam around. But with the help of truck LED screens, you can still deliver outstanding ad displays without consuming much space and manually and laboriously decorating the venue. 

  • The recommended speed for a moving trailer or mobile LED screen should not be 30 km/h. It will secure your mobile digital display and ensure that your audience can fully enjoy your display content.
  • Setting up your LED truck display will take only 30 minutes or less. Our mobile LED trucks are designed to have a fast lock mechanism, making the assembly time quicker and much more accessible.
  • For more information and questions, please reach us at have been providing quality and excellent LED products worldwide since 2004. Colorlight-LED-designed truck LED displays are exported to countries like the USA, Germany, Australia, Poland, Zimbabwe, Spain, etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us; we will assist you.

Colorlight-LED: A Reliable Trailer/Truck LED Display Supplier And Manufacturer

Do you need a digital LED sign to help you widen your influence and network? What do you think of a movable LED screen mounted in a truck or mobile trailer?

Colorlight-LED specializes in providing various LED screen solutions for your needs. That includes LED screens for locations such as schools, museums, transport are, hotels, restaurants, control rooms, etc. We also meet advertising standards, such as extensive media facade applications, building walls, and movable truck digital advertising.

Our team comprises skilled experts and professionals who have dealt with various project highlights we’ve accomplished over the years. Also, Colorlight-LED is a trustworthy provider as we give quality products and premium and excellent services.

What are you waiting for? Get your truck/trailer LED display now! For more questions and inquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

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