Tessera SX40

The SX40 LED processor is an outstanding processor for various LED screen use. It is commonly applied to XR LEDs or displays with higher refresh and frame rate requirements.

Furthermore, it combines Tessera’s industry-leading feature set and easy-to-use software interface. It is considered the highest-ever capacity processor.

Its outstanding features include HDR, Dynamic Calibration, Ultra-low Latency, HFR+ (High Frame Rate), Frame Remapping Sguttersync, and 3D LUT import. It supports On-screen Color Adjustment (OSCA) for seam corrections, Dark Magic for dark-area detail, and ChromaTune for color control.

The SX40 LED processor already has industry-leading two frames and end-to-end latency. Also, its high frame rate allows you to play content at an HFR, such as up to 250 fps.

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