Stage LED Display

A stage LED display is designed to amplify events and stage decorations. It sought to give-out best visuals along with audio equipment in achieving a premium and excellent stage events. 

  • The Colorlight Stage LED Screen Series is equipped with wide range of pixel pitches such as 1.6, 1.9, 2,6, 2.97, and higher ones. 
  • We can also customize a different size from the standard cabinet size and design to meet your  project requirements and desired outcomes. 
  • Colorlight-LED has been providing reliable and numerous stage LED screens to various countries for 18 years. 

Stage LED Screen Series

A stage LED screen is an LED screen solution specifically used for stage applications. It has various features and quality that makes it different from other product series. Also, it is designed for easier installation and dismantling. Why so? It is because stage events change in location and time except for areas where permanent events are held. But considering the need for interchanging venues, we designed our stage LEDs with thin panels and lightweight.

The Colorlight Stage LED Screen structure and design may vary as we accept customization to meet your needs, but the standard layout also prevails. The stage LED screen utilizes a semi-rental rental design, with handles, shockproof edges, two-way maintenance, and more. Stage LED displays are designated for stage decorations and utilization. However, you can use them for many applications because of their rich design and adaptability.

Why Choose Colorlight Stage LED Display?


Stage LED displays have high resolution and are duly perfected for stage use. It is adaptive and flexible in use. Also, it is equipped with lightweight panels, thin and so it is easy to transport, install and dismantle. And with its appealing visuals, it’ll surely give your viewers a worthwhile experience. 

  • Stage LED screens can be used as a main stage backdrop. It can create a creative and engaging stage layout with various designs, installations, and faces.
  • It can also function in both environments, indoor and outdoor, provided that for outdoor use, it has to have a high IP rating so the device can prolong its service even while experiencing various weather conditions and situations.

Customize Your Stage LED Display With Us

The Stage LED screen is made with an aluminum die-cast body box essential to withstand constant installation and mobilization. Most LED walls use ultra-thin LED screens to produce a sharp and vivid visual display and make the venue stylish and beautiful. The lightweight feature also helps minimize shipment, transfer, and operation costs. 

  • Conventional fixed LED displays are commonly used for advertising by playing video pictures or videos. However, since stage LED screens need to come by the HD cameras test and the refresh rate and visual effects are more rigorous and stringent, the configurations for these screen displays are higher.
  • Colorlight LED stage LED displays have various pixel pitches and can have different designs and sizes. We offer customization of multiple methods and sizes. Also, it comes with a 3-5 year warranty.

Colorlight-LED: A Reliable Stage LED Display Supplier And Manufacturer

The Colorlight Outdoor Stage LED Screen has high brightness, making the screen visible and vivid even under direct sunlight. At the same time, our outdoor stage LED wall has IP65 waterproof. So, even if it’s raining or snowing, it will not damage the LED screen. We can put both outdoor and indoor locations on the outdoor stage LED screen, but we can only set the indoor stage LED screen indoors. Usually, an indoor stage LED screen has a lower cost than an outdoor one if they have the same pixel pitch.

There are hundreds of providers that could offer you great stage LED screens. However, only a handful of lists can stay true to services and underlying product quality.

Now, why choose Colorlight-LED as your stage LED screen provider? Colorlight-LED is equipped with experience, great customer service, consistency, excellent technology integration, and skills. Our stage LED displays have reached numerous countries, and we received nothing but fantastic feedback from our clients.

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