Stadium LED Screen

Stadium LED Screen

The stadium LED screen is designed to cater sporting venues. It helps spectators to see every part of the game. This device can function as scoreboard, signage, advertising screen or perimeter board display. 

  • The stadium LED display has standard pixel pitches of 4mm, 5mm, 6.25mm, 8.33mm and 10mm. However, we can also design it in 16mm or above. 
  • A stadium LED display can be applied on both indoor and outdoor applications or sporting events. 
  • It can come in various sizes and designs. We can customize it for you. 

Stadium LED Display Series

The Colorlight Stadium LED series comprises an LED screen of various pixel pitch ranges designed to cater to multiple sporting events and locations. With a broader pixel pitch option, you can determine and choose which is the best solution for your needs.

A stadium LED display is made from premium materials and can be installed in many ways. It can have a hanging installation and be a scoreboard for basketball events. You may also have it as a perimeter for football leagues, lawn tennis, or badminton.

Each cabinet and module for our stadium projects are crafted na checked thoroughly before the actual use. Furthermore, the Colorlight-LED stadium LED display solutions are rigid, have a long lifespan, are weatherproof, and are cost-effective. 

Why Choose Colorlight Stadium LED Display?


Stadium LED screens are of high quality and dependable resolution. It is installed in many ways as to how it’ll function in a sporting venue. It has an IP65 rating and can perform well even in outdoor locations. We know most sports happen in an open arena and stadium than indoor or enclosed sports venues. 

  • Stadium LED screens can be used as an LED scoreboard. A scoreboard works as signage that flashes scores, names of participants, some events recap, and more. Also, a scoreboard LED display helps spectators to have a clearer view of the event’s current status and game-related matters. 
  • It can also function as a perimeter LED screen. A perimeter device is used for an easier emergency exit and separates the game area from the crowd. Also, it does not easily break from a ball or a player’s sudden hit. 

Customize Your Stadium LED Display With Us

The stadium LED display panels have features that ease mobility and installation. It has handles, a fast-locking mechanism, rigid boards, and waterproof and long-lasting cabinets. Its materials and components are from premium brands and are solely crafted in our wide manufacturing area with the help of our experts, engineers, and R&D team. 

  • It has a wide viewing angle, making sure that viewers from all side angles can see the content.
  • Colorlight LED stadium displays have various pixel pitches and can have different designs and sizes. We offer customization of multiple configurations and sizes. Also, it comes with a 3-5 year warranty.

Colorlight-LED: A Reliable Stadium LED Display Supplier And Manufacturer

If you’re looking for a dependable manufacturer or supplier to give out the best stadium LED screen solution, you are on the right page to inquire. 

Colorlight-LED brings you an LED screen solution for a stadium and sporting needs. This series may vary in function, purpose, sizes, designs, and pixel pitches, and each product type comes in various adjustable brightness levels and features. We also allow and offer you customization for multiple formats and sizes to enable you to meet your desired project requirements. 

In the past years, Colorlight-LED has provided numerous sports affairs and supplied stadium LED displays of various sizes and designs globally. Furthermore, if you are getting a project and would want to have us help you, please don’t hesitate to reach us at

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