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Rental LED Screen

The Colorlight-LED Rental Display series is equipped with optimum support and design that allows you to dynamically use the device in various instances, applications and events. 

  • When it comes to its structure, our team of engineers makes sure that it can stand the constant transportation, installation, and dismantling processes. 
  • It is certified with various standards and we make sure that it passes through a series of aging tests and inspections before delivering it to your doorsteps. 
  • Our rental LED display series is composed of both indoor and outdoor rental displays customized for your needs and project requirements. 
  • The Colorlight Rental LED displays are partnered with reliable components and are crafted with dependable materials to last decades in service. 

Rental LED Display Series

The rental LED display is one of the most advanced and most beneficial LED display breakthroughs. It provides users and viewers with a great experience in various events and conditions, indoors or outdoors.

Rental LED displays top the most-purchased series among LED display providers locally and internationally. Despite the pandemic, many events have been restored, and event organizers are thinking of ways to meet the needs of the viewers who have missed concerts and outdoor performances due to the sudden closure and pandemic protocols.

Colorlight-LED provides customization of your desired rental LED display along with our all-out support and services. Should you have questions or inquiries, please let us know right away.

Why Choose Colorlight Rental LED Display?


Rental LED displays are designed to cater to your various needs. The rental LED displays can satisfy the occasion, from events to family gatherings. 

Rental LED displays are equipped with various features to match the required firmness and rigidity to cope with transportation, sudden installation easily, and dismantling. Also, you can apply rental LED displays to indoor and outdoor areas, provided that it matches the application’s needs. Don’t worry; we also customize LED displays for you. 

  • The Colorlight rental LED display has ultra-thin panels, making cabinets lighter for faster installation, dismantling, and mobility. 
  • It has safe handles and individual boxes with wheels and passes through aging tests and inspections to ensure stability and steady performance in the long run. 

Customize Your Rental LED Display With Us

You can apply for rental LED displays in the following areas; concerts, weddings, charity events, transportation, airports, subways, schools, theaters, outdoor cultural shows, TV programs, and many more. 

Rental LED displays are of dynamic use, and you may apply them in many ways. Also, you may install them in various methods such as hanging (giant panel from assembled cabinets), on the roof, standing position, and much more. 

  • Our rental LED displays utilize user-friendly software such as LEDvision Colorlight, Novastar, and more.
  • We partner with reliable equipment and components of sturdy origin that last a long time. 

Colorlight-LED: A Reliable Rental LED Display Supplier And Manufacturer

Colorlight-LED is a premium brand in the industry with almost 17 years of experience in manufacturing, supplying, and providing rental LED displays to our clients. Apart from providing rental LED displays of various pixel pitches and reliable quality, we also adhere to give our utmost services to all our customers.

Colorlight-LED has a rich circle of engineers and skilled individuals who are always ready to serve you. Should you have further questions or inquiries, please reach us at

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