P2.97 Rental LED Z Series

The P2.97 Z Series is made of rigid diodes and lamps connected by firm wirings. Also, the firmness of an LED screen device comes with cabinet material. The P2.97 Z Series, meanwhile, uses die-casting aluminum. Die-cast aluminum is known to have higher conductivity, flexibility, and rigidness. Also, if you opt to have the LED screen for outdoor or semi-outdoor use, we can provide it with a higher IP level so you can place them outdoors even under various weather conditions. 

The LED display comes with a 3-5 year warranty. Also, some of our services are installation, dismantling, maintenance, operation, assembling, and more. Rest assured your investment is safe and of excellent quality and that you have entrusted a trustworthy partner for your project. 

Should you have questions or inquiries about the P2.97 Z Series, please don’t hesitate to contact us at manager@yuchip.com

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