P2.604 1/8 Scan XR LED Screen

The P2.604 1/8 Scan XR LED Screen has a high refresh rate of up to 7680 Hz and results in smoother and highly reliable visuals that make no blur and flickers when filmed with cameras. It shows no shadows and creates a realistic background image with elements such as props and materials on the ground and around the studio. 

Also, it has reliable panels that make it easy to splice. With this feature, you’ll be able to bend the whole screen to create a panorama effect making a minor cover for the background need or equipping the scene with depth and making it look wider or smaller. 

Furthermore, it can last for years as it is manufactured carefully, and it takes time for designing and aging tests. Also, Colorlight-LED provides products with the best quality that help you gain higher ROI in the long run. 

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