P2.6 Rental LED Z Series

The P2.6 Z Series is designed with multiple safety features. It has handles that ease installation and assembly, especially in the case of a large video wall. Also, it has a more accessible maintenance design in which both sides are available for checking. Its front and rear maintenance are easy and quick, and the LED screen has complete equipment. 

Also, it ensures a wide viewing angle, high resolution, higher refresh rate, and good brightness. Apart from that, the device is also equipped and set with an excellent grayscale level, color intensity, and a wide color gamut that allows the screen to display millions of colors resulting in a rich visual display. 

Furthermore, it has a contrast ratio of 5000:1 and a refresh rate of 38400 Hz. When an LED screen has a high refresh rate, it shows smooth image displays and has no flickers and lines on the net. Also, a higher refresh rate makes for better video quality. 

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