P2.5 Slim LED Display Outdoor

The P2.5 Slim LED Display Outdoor has a fragile panel/ module, making it even more lightweight, easy to install, and saving a significant amount of labor cost during installation. Each cabinet weighs around 8 kg only. The standard cabinet size is 500 x 500, and we can also customize your desired cabinet size. 

Also, the P2.5 Ultra Thin LED Screen Outdoor has advantages of high brightness, high refresh rate, excellent quality material, long lifespan, two-way maintenance features, etc. 

Its brightness can reach up to 3500-4500 cd/m² and has a refresh frequency of 3840 Hz, the highest refresh frequency today. Also, because of it, the P2.5 Thin LED Display Outdoor shows nothing but high-resolution visuals. Should you be interested in it, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away. 

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