P2.5 Conference LED Screen

The P2.5 Conference LED Display shows a clear and unprecedented content display. It has a brightness level of 800 cd/sqm and a refresh rate of 3840 Hz. Its contrast ratio is 5000:1; it has a 16-bit gray grade, has 1/30 scan method, and a pixel density of 160000. 

It also has an excellent greyscale level and a wide color gamut making accurate color display on the screen. Using a suitable device, such as a P2.5 Conference LED Panel, for a meeting or conference assures success and better information relay in the event. 

It features dual maintenance. However, for fixed installation, you’ll get front access. 

Also, it has a 140/140 viewing angle. Every viewer will have a pleasant and vivid view of the content even while sitting at the side. The device also has a seamless slicing feature making it achievable to have a curved, flexible, or panorama effect. 

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