P1.875 Indoor LED Screen

The P1.875 Indoor LED Screen features clear images and fantastic visual presentations. Since it has a small pixel pitch, it projects a good combination of average brightness, high refresh rate and is applicable in all kinds of indoor use as it is considerably light and versatile. 

The P1.875 Indoor LED Display has a cabinet size of 640 x 480 and weighs 9.5 kg per cabinet. It has optional refresh rates of 1920 and 3840 Hz. 

A P1.875 Indoor LED Panel is an ideal choice for security rooms, small conference rooms, schools, transportation sites, airports, and a lot more. It can be installed as wall-mounted, hanging, and in other conventional ways. Also, it runs efficiently with Colorlight LED Software which allows you to operate smoothly and display the content of various formats and is highly convenient. 

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