P1.25 Control Room Display Screen

The P1.25 Control Room Display Panel presents clear visuals and resolution as it has a shallow pixel pitch. Also, it makes an accurate color display on the screen.

The device works best in giving you easy monitoring access to various areas and corners of the vicinity. With a massive size, you can combine up to ten CCTV cameras and have monitoring simultaneously. 

Clear-resolution LED screens serve security agencies and concerned offices that work to lessen incidents and prompt emergency response. Also, you can easily connect it to a device that stores video footage and images for later use. Its software offers easy access and user-friendly features and is available in different languages. 

Colorlight-LED offers a 3-5 year warranty partnered with premium and quality services such as installation, maintenance, technical upgrade, customization, etc. Should you have questions or inquiries, please reach us at manager@yuchip.com

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