LED Display Ball

Colorlight-LED has graced various events, exhibits, trade shows over the years. The LED Display Ball is of various functions, sizes, designs and installation methods. Its panels and modules are flexible and soft that allows easy curving and seamless splicing. 

  • The LED display ball is applied to various locations. It is a prominent device that you can use to excel views in trade shows, exhibits, concerts, and other special occasions. 
  • You can also have it for museums, planetariums, science fairs, children’s places, parks and playgrounds, etc. 
  • Its pixel pitch ranges from 0.8 to 10mm. The design, size and installation method can vary. 

LED Display Ball Series

The LED Display ball comes in various pixel pitches such as 0.8, P1, P2, or higher. However, commonly LED display balls are prevalent in P4, P4.8 for indoor, P4, P5, P6, P8 and P10 for outdoor. 

LED display balls can function in various ways such as an advertising screen. It can effectively relay message as it has 360 angle of viewing. The people in front and from behind the screen can see content fairly. 

You can also have it as a device in museums and planetariums showing maps, evolution of earth, and a lot more. Apart from that, it is also applicable in casinos and entertainment areas and serve as sphere display playing various images, videos and igniting colors and brightness in the area. 

Why Choose Colorlight LED Display Ball?


LED display balls offer a long lifespan and high resolution. With its unique design and flexibility, it easily captures the audience’s attention. It is also made of rigid components and materials that make it a dependable choice for special occasions for your business. It’ll easily expand your network, allow brand sensitivity, and makes better viewing for everyone. 

  • LED display balls can be installed in various ways such as hanging. The ball is connected by an iron chain and connected to the ceiling or the uppermost part of the building. This method is common in malls and exhibits. 
  • You can also install it in a standing position elevated by some columns. It allows easy access to content and is usually utilized in museums, and planetariums to allow the viewers to see images and content closely. 

Customize Your LED Display Ball With Us

The LED display balls are multi-locational devices. You may apply them indoors or outdoors and so their IP rating and protection are also high. Its brightness can reach up to 1000 cd/sqm and the refresh rate can be around 3840 Hz. Colorlight-LED also welcomes customization of sizes, designs, and installation types. It is to meet your desired project needs thoroughly and be the device for advertising, international event, museums, and other learning locations. 
  • Its panels are made from a soft and flexible module that allows it to be curved into various degree angles and create a bigger or smaller LED ball.
  • Colorlight LED display balls are waterproof for outdoor use, have an easy maintenance design which is typically by the front, come in elusive viewing visuals, are high-resolution, and are cost-effective. It is also energy-efficient.

Colorlight-LED: A Reliable LED Display Ball Supplier And Manufacturer

Colorlight-LED is a trusted partner you can rely on when it comes to your LED display ball needs. We manufacture and crafts these amazing devices with pure skills, updated technology, careful craftmanship and with latest devices in the industry. 

We partner with reliable sources and brands to make your desired project into reality. It includes Nationstar, Novastar, Meanwell, Linsn, etc. From the tangible spare parts and components to software, the LED display ball is cost-effective, rigid and outstanding. 

Should you have questions and inquiries, please message us at Request a quote from us today!

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