LED Advertising Screen

LED Advertising Screen

The LED Advertising Screen is an effective tool in engaging your audience with your ads and product campaigns. With its augmented digital power and features, it can give you a higher ROI and brand sensitivity. 

  • Colorlight LED Advertising Display is equipped with a higher IP rating making the device more suitable for outdoor installation. 
  • Installation areas vary in sizes and spaces and so we offer customization of sizes of modules. You may opt to have a massive size, an average one or a small LED sign. 
  • The LED Advertising Display utilizes premium cabinets that enables strong and rigid installation; safe and secure. 

LED Advertising Display Series

The LED advertising screen top the most-purchased series among LED screen providers locally and internationally. We know how advertising has positively affirmed business ventures internationally. And with digital media and devices, advertising has been much more exciting, visually appealing, and conducive to viewers. 

The commercial LED screen is one of the most advanced and beneficial LED screen breakthroughs. It provides users and viewers with a great experience in advertising and helps the audience remember ads and product campaigns, increasing possibilities for additional profits and sales.

Colorlight-LED provides customization of your desired commercial LED screen and our all-out support and services. Should you have questions or inquiries, please let us know right away.

Why Choose Colorlight LED Advertising Screen?


LED advertising displays deliver unprecedented visuals. They often come in high pixel pitches, making them ideal and suitable for crown viewing and outdoor use.

The LED panels for advertising can utilize different installation methods such as hanging, fixed on walls, billboard facades, etc. 

  • With an LED video wall advertising display, you can take your business and product presentation to the next level. You can now showcase high-quality videos that will surely get the attention of your target audience.
  • One of the best redeeming qualities of advertising LED displays is their ability to deliver a superb performance, including supporting high-definition video content.

Customize Your LED Advertising Screen With Us

Unlike other display technology, LED advertising screens do not require a backlight. Instead, its light-emitting diodes produce their colored lights giving your screen the power to create brighter and crisper image quality. 

  • They are designed to function perfectly in locations that have harsher surrounding conditions. They have extraordinary cabinets that protect them from solid and moisture intrusions that may cause damage to your LED screens.
  • LED video walls for advertising are scalable to any minor and large size. LED boards or flat panel displays have unique cabinets designed for a quick and seamless connection.
  • The advertising screens you see at the mall, street, or airport are connected to LED boards that function as one unit. Colorlight-LED provides comprehensive and holistic guidance regarding installation, maintenance, dismantling, operation, and other device settings and features. 

Colorlight-LED: A Reliable LED Advertising Screen Supplier And Manufacturer

Colorlight-LED has a comprehensive track record in manufacturing LED advertising screens. We are China’s top software and LED screen solution provider with almost two decades of service in the industry. Perhaps our advertising LED screen projects have reached hundreds of countries worldwide, and we take pride in our humble and satisfied customers worldwide. 

The LED display industry is expanding significantly; hundreds of LED display outlets and providers can be seen today. So, always remember to choose only the tested and trusted ones, the supplier who has stood the test of time and uncertainty. 

We also offer outdoor LED screens, flexible LED displays, and indoor LED screens. We also have substantial spare parts for your existing LED screen, including our series of Colorlight receiving and sending cards, media player, and LED controller. Please let us know if you have further questions or inquiries. You may reach us at manager@yuchip.com.

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