Interactive LED Floor Screen

Interactive LED Floor Screen

An interactive LED floor screen makes an event more engaging and entertaining. An event with a floor screen feels more relevant, friendly, and exciting. Also, it has strong resistance to weight and shocks. Many stage events use an LED floor tile since it has excellent audio-visual coordination.

  • It has a weight capacity of 1.5 tons or equivalent to a car. Its high-weight resistance and heavy-duty panels and cabinets make it practical for stage and event handling—no worries with cracks or shocks.  
  • An LED Floor tile installed in exhibits, trade shows, or stage performances adds flavor and excitement. You can also have an interactive LED floor screen in bars, hotels, casinos, and other leisure areas. 
  • Colorlight-LED offers customized interactive LED floor panels. With this, you’ll see and know the most suitable sizes and designs for your needs. 

Interactive LED Floor Screen Series

We are a one-stop source and shop, as we also have various equipment, product components, and software for your LED displays regardless of their size, application and specifications. Colorlight-LED is a dependable brand you can count on to provide you LED display for all your needs.

Our interactive floor LED screen is utilized in various events, trade shows, exhibitions, programs, applications, and conventional uses. It has high-quality, steady performance, a high refresh rate, and significant visual effects. Also, it can take up to a heavy weight of people simultaneously performing on top of it.

Our rich project list is proof of our outstanding performance and industry-grade services. Also, apart from the Colorlight software, as our leading solution, we offer you customization of various LED screen products, including the interactive LED floor tile.

Why Choose Colorlight Interactive LED Floor Screen?


The Interactive LED Floor Tile has high strength mask that supports solid aluminum die-casting equipment. Also, it can be connected quickly and has a safe-locking mechanism that helps with each cabinet’s secure and tight connection. 

  • It has a load-bearing capacity of 2000 kg/sqm, and you can randomly connect cabinets or panels since the panels have a uniform design and are exact in size.
  • Also, it has an intense rubber mask equipped with excellent light transmission. This feature functions mainly in avoiding slipping, for waterproof and stain-resistant.
  • It supports various file formats and can come in highly-sensitive and interactive designs. When a person steps on the screen, this feature comes out, and the content interacts or reacts with the weight.

Customize Your Interactive LED Floor Screen With Us

Colorlight Interactive LED Floor Tile has a buffer damping design, no noise, and is ready for extended operation. It can also be customized and redesigned to meet the perfect output for your stage, trade show, or exhibit needs. 

  • Apart from using it as a floor tile, you can also have it as a video wall panel with either hanging or fixed-on wall installation. It has a clear resolution, a high refresh rate, and high greyscale.
  • For more information and questions, please reach us at have been providing quality and excellent LED products worldwide since 2004. Also, besides providing quality LED screens for dance floor use, we offer a wide range of services.
  • Our dance floor LED passes various tests and quality inspections before arriving at your location. 

Colorlight-LED: A Reliable Interactive LED Floor Screen Supplier And Manufacturer

The LED display industry is expanding significantly; hundreds of LED display outlets and providers can be seen today. So, always remember to choose only the tested and trusted ones, the supplier who has stood the test of time and uncertainty.

Colorlight-LED has a rich track record in manufacturing interactive floor LED panels. We are China’s top software and LED display provider with almost two decades of service in the industry. Perhaps our interactive floor LED display projects have reached hundreds of countries and events worldwide, and we take pride in our humble and satisfied customers worldwide.

Apart from floor LED tiles, we also offer outdoor LED screens, flexible LED displays, and other types of LED screen solutions such as trade show LED displays, hospitality LED screens, etc.

We also have substantial spare parts for your existing LED screen, including our series of Colorlight receiving and sending cards, media player, and LED controller. Please let us know if you have further questions or inquiries. Please message us at

Colorlight Interactive LED Floor Screen Project Highlights

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