Indoor LED Screen

Indoor LED Screen

The indoor LED screen offers you high-resolution, great image quality, and outstanding overall visual presentation. It utilizes pixel pitches from P1.5 to P10 and caters to all your indoor events needs. 

  • Colorlight-LED has professional R&D team who will help you with product guidance, customization, installation, etc. 
  • Colorlight-LED indoor displays utilize high-grade materials and has dependable and steady performance.
  •  You may apply an indoor LED screen to various events, gatherings, as a control room screen that helps with security and safety of a vicinity. Also, it utilizes Colorlight LED Software which is easy to operate. 

Indoor LED Screen Series

Colorlight-LED is a dependable brand you can count on to provide you LED display for all your needs. We are a one-stop source and shop as we also have various equipment and product components and software for your LED displays regardless of their size, application and specifications. 

Our rich project list is one of our humble proof of our outstanding performance and industry-grade services. Also, apart from the Colorlight software, as our leading solution, we offer you customization of various LED screen products, including the indoor LED display.

Our indoor LED display is utilized in various indoor events, programs, applications, and conventional uses. It is equipped with high-quality, steady performance, a high refresh rate, and significant visual effects.

Why Choose Colorlight Indoor LED Display?


Do you need an LED screen for retail stores, shopping malls, museums, exhibitions, theaters, and other relevant purposes? Colorlight-LED gives you an indoor LED display with excellent visual presentations, a high refresh rate, an adjustable brightness level, and many more features. 

We have been in the industry for 17 years and utilize only the latest technology and advanced high-grade materials. Please let us know if you have further questions. We look forward to working with you and providing you with your LED screen needs. 

  • Colorlight-LED indoor displays undergo various qualifying and quality inspections to ensure their excellent quality and give you trouble-free products. 
  • It has high brightness, good heat dissipation, can be applied in different installation methods, etc. 

Customize Your Indoor LED Display With Us

Part of our continuous growth is our customer’s feedback and delightful suggestions. Your needs will help us address our development and the technology we must integrate.  

The LED display industry is evolving rapidly and continuously. Many companies are establishing LED screen manufacturing interest in many parts of the world as this technology is relevant to today’s generation and application.  

  • Our indoor LED display is equipped with quality materials that allow seamless splicing, easy installation, and other features.  
  • Colorlight-LED has a skilled circle of individuals and a professional R&D team who will handle your customization and suggestions.  

Colorlight-LED: A Reliable Indoor LED Display Supplier And Manufacturer

Colorlight-LED has a rich track record when it comes to manufacturing indoor LED displays. We are China’s top software and LED display provider with almost two decades of service in the industry. Our indoor LED display projects, perhaps, have reached hundreds of countries around the world, and we take pride in our humble and satisfied customers worldwide. 

The LED display industry is expanding significantly, and today, you can see hundreds of LED display outlets and providers. So, always keep in mind to choose only the tested and trusted ones, the supplier who has stood the test of time and uncertainty. 

Apart from indoor LED displays, we also offer outdoor LED screens, flexible LED displays, etc. We also have substantial spare parts for your existing LED screen, including our series of Colorlight receiving and sending cards, media player, and LED controller. Please let us know if you have further questions and inquiries. 

Colorlight Indoor LED Display Project Highlights

Pantalla LED Interior

P3 Pantalla LED Interior

P3 Pantalla LED Interior is popular among shopping malls, gadget stores, and other digital products stalls that surely need an LED display to attract customers and upgrade their store ambiance.

LED Display Panel Singapore

P3 LED Display Panel Singapore

Stage performances can always be fascinating, thanks to LED Displays. Besides making stage performances more beautiful, LED displays also give the audience a more excellent view and a more explicit storyline.

P2 42m² Laos LED Screen

The P2 42m² Laos LED Screen is one of Colorlight-LED's projects across Southeast Asian countries. With a total size of 42m², this HD Laos LED Display screen installed in a hospitality area.

LED Stage Display Brunei

P6 LED Stage Display Brunei

The 23rd ASEAN Summit was held on October 9 & 10, 2013. In response to their call, we then provided them a P6 stage display from our indoor rental stage display series.

P6 Indoor LED Display Thailand

P6 Indoor LED Display Thailand

The project utilized a P6 indoor high-definition LED display for a known and huge mall in Thailand. A P6 LED display indeed brings a captivating view and clear visuals.

P3 LED Screen

P3 LED Screen Nanyang

The project utilized a P3 LED Screen with a total size of 235 m². The LED display used SMD2121 black LEDs, ICN2153 IC with a high refresh rate and is maintained in two ways.

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