Conference LED Screen

Conference LED Screen

The Conference LED Screen provides smooth meeting procedures. With this device, you can easily explore, explain and lay out various business or community concerns or affairs. It has a fast and active connection to equipment such as a computer where you can quickly flash multiple contents on the screen.

  • The Conference LED panel has HD resolution, ensuring an exquisite and vivid presentation of business ideas and information. 
  • It has an accurate display, a wide color gamut, a viewing angle, and accessible software features. 
  • Also, it utilizes either front or rear maintenance, has a long lifespan, and is steady and reliable in the long run. 

Conference LED Screen Series

The Conference LED Display Series comes in various pixel pitches such as 1.25mm, 1.56mm, 1.875, 1.95mm, 2mm, and 2.5mm. They come in multiple designs and sizes, each with unique features and functions.

The conference LED display serves many important affairs, meetings, and worldwide business breakthroughs. With a huge crowd, it’ll be easier for you to handle a massive audience and relay important keynotes regarding the event.

This device also provides an upfront experience. With its HD resolution, people at the back and both sides can experience clear and vivid views from their locations or positions. Its wide viewing angle gives every viewer a clear visualization of the content on screen.

Some events where you can apply the conference LED panel include summits, international trade fairs, peace talks, seminars, and more. Apart from the standard sizes and designs of the conference LED display series, we also offer customization to meet your desired project outcomes. Should you have further questions, please reach us at

Why Choose Colorlight Conference LED Screen?


The Conference LED Display makes a meeting or a summit easier to manage. It provides quick access to content, and with its vast size, everyone can see the content you are displaying and other important keynotes for either business or educational use. 

  • Usually, it comes in lightweight panels, so it eases installation and dismantling. Conference LED displays can also have seamless splicing features making them easier to bend to achieve the panorama effect. Indeed, it is an excellent option if you’re handling a massive audience like an international one.
  • It is equipped with user-friendly software that allows you to optimize and upload content in real time and access and send files. This device works most likely like a projector but has more intense visuals, digital and is more conducive for the event.
  • It usually utilizes fixed installation; however, both sides can be accessible for maintenance.

Customize Your Conference LED Screen With Us

The Colorlight Conference LED Display can playfully make an event more engaging and friendly for participants. It has high brightness that is also adjustable, allowing you to match the area’s necessary and needed light requirements. 

  • Its high resolution makes its visuals alluring and clear to the audience. Images, videos, and slides containing relevant information are relayed to the audience vividly.
  • We offer customization of sizes and designs to meet your desired project outcomes. Also, our products and LED screen solutions undergo a series of aging and inspection tests to ensure their quality and steady performance.
  • For more information and questions, please reach us at have been providing quality and excellent LED products worldwide since 2004. Also, besides providing quality conference LED panels, we offer a wide range of services.

Colorlight-LED: A Reliable Conference LED Screen Supplier And Manufacturer

Should you need a Conference LED Display for your project, Colorlight-LED is a reliable brand you can depend on. Our expertise is from training and the resistance to an ever-challenging 17-year journey in the industry. We’ve accumulated so much experience providing various types, sizes, and designs of Conference LED Displays in the long run.

Furthermore, our Conference LED Panel is among the top-rated products for various reasons. Its stability, balanced parameters, unique design, affordability, vivid resolution, rigid structure, quality components, and user-friendly control system and software. You can use it for various conference needs. Also, it comes in HD resolution and with multiple designs and sizes. We also offer customization and other premium services. 

Please send us a message at for more information and answer your inquiries.

Colorlight Conference LED Screen Project Highlights

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