Church LED Screen

Church LED Screen

The Church LED Screen is designed to delightfully serve worshippers a more appealing and conducive view for praising and worship. It helps the whole congregation to easily connect with the audience. 

  • Colorlight Church LED screens vary in pixel pitch, size and design. 
  • Its pixel pitch range from 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.91mm and 4mm. These are the common however, you may also ask us to give a different pixel pitch that best fit your project. 
  • We provide holistic and thorough warranty and after-sales services. 

Church LED Screen Series

The Church LED Screen is a type of LED screen solution designed for church needs. It may function in numerous ways, such as an information sign, a video wall that displays lyrics, a prayer display, etc.

In a general sense, it eases the whole congregation to easily captivate viewers and inform or share important announcements to the entire community. While having worship sessions, you can use the church LED sign to display lyrics so that everyone can go ahead and sing along with the band.

Its standard pixel pitch is P2.5, P3, P3.91, and P4. Also, we can design a higher-pixel pitch display for you. It is to help you accommodate a larger audience for more prominent congregations or more significant church events. Request a quote today!

Why Choose Colorlight Church LED Screen?


Church LED displays have high resolution. They typically come in small pixel pitches. Therefore, they have great visuals. 

The LED panels for the church can utilize different installation methods such as hanging, fixed on walls, etc. And also, they are multifunctional. You can use them to display lyrics and announcements for later church activities. 

  • The LED video walls for the church are equipped with high contrast, high brightness, and a high refresh rate. 
  • It can be installed indoors, such as an LED wall for worship or outdoor signage at the entrance of the church, inviting and sharing gospels with every passerby.
  • Colorlight-LED provides comprehensive and holistic guidance regarding installation, maintenance, dismantling, operation, and other device settings and features. 

Customize Your Church LED Screen With Us

The church LED screen is made with reliable materials, from its diodes to its cabinet. It indeed exceeds your expectation with its high-resolution, good brightness, long lifespan, and overall reliable performance in the long run. Also, Colorlight-LED accepts customization of designs and sizes. You can ask us to design a more significant, average, or smaller screen for your project. 

  • Church LED display screens can last up to 12 years when proper maintenance is applied. Also, its reliable functions and settings and user-friendly software allow you to upload dynamic content for your viewers’ benefit easily. 
  • Colorlight-LED church display comes with a 3-5 year warranty and excellent after-sales service. In the industry, we are known for providing high-quality devices partnered with premium services. 

Colorlight-LED: A Reliable Church LED Screen Supplier And Manufacturer

Colorlight-LED is a premium and industry-leading brand and church LED screen manufacturer from China. We are one of the top-rated suppliers that you can trust when it comes to providing you with church LED displays that are high-quality and multifunctional. Our church LED panels also utilize safe and secure software in the industry such as Novastar, LEDvision, Linsn, LEDset, etc. 

Our team is always ready to address your LED screen needs, customize and give you the best option suitable for your project. Apart from church LED video walls, we are also known for providing retail LED screens, flexible LED displays, transparent LED screens, and rental and stage LED screen solutions. Should you have further questions, please message us at

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