Colorlight Sending Card

The Colorlight Sending Card is a primary component of the Synchronous system. With the help of a sending card, you can easily convert the input video signal to a format that the LED screen can illustrate. Furthermore, this equipment allows you more accessible ways to convert various content to campaigns and pictures to drive your customers towards your goal and mission. 

The Colorlight Sending Card series supports average to huge-sized LED screens in various conventional installations. Colorlight-LED is a firm supplier of sending cards for all kinds of LED screen equipment. The Colorlight Sending Cards are utilized in our projects and with other brands in the industry. 

Also, it is of excellent quality, long lifespan, and has the advanced and latest technology. It is carefully crafted in our factory, undergoes a series of quality assurance tests as we make sure to offer you only the best components for your LED display. Also, it is compatible with the Colorlight Software and Colorlight Receiving Cards.

In addition, our team can offer you an overall and thorough guidance towards great product understanding: proper handling, troubleshooting, and many more aspects. We also have a warranty and technical support guarantee for your best experience and satisfaction. 

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